What's In It For Me?

Mortgage Professionals as New Solo Entrepreneurs
In the first few years of your mortgage career, you may not have engaged in business action planning or had only limited exposure to the concept. The statistics can be grim, but the facts are, According to the United States Small Business Administration, that 81% of all entrepreneurs are unable to keep their doors open after the first year in business. Why? I believe one of the biggest reasons is because they didn’t have a PLAN. Their direction and action is spurred by whatever is impacting them from one day to the next, one fire to the next, or from the next best marketing idea or quick lead generating mechanism to the next.

Going through the process of building your own Business Action Plan will put you way ahead of the statistics and more importantly, will give you the grounding and direction every entrepreneur needs to remain proactive, focused and a leader in the industry, rather than a victim of market circumstance.

Mortgage Professionals as Seasoned Solo Entrepreneurs
If you have been in the mortgage industry for more than three years, you have likely attended an industry seminar or workshop on business planning. You may have even invested in a coaching relationship. Or perhaps, you were prompted by a Manager to write down your goals and review them daily. This is a gigantic step in the right direction. Research has proven that those who write down their goals are 80% more likely to attain them.

If you were diligent about reading your goals and writing new ones on a consistent basis, you probably have had some successes to be proud of. Congratulations! Now it’s time to take the next step and launch into a whole new level of planning and commitment.

Create more successes from your business planning efforts by identifying, not just your goals, but the individual action steps you must take in order to attain those goals. Hold yourself accountable by setting, “Target ACTION Dates” in your plan. By delving deeper into the business action planning process with I CAN Plan, you will be able to achieve MORE and do it in less time.   


Mortgage Professionals as Managers of a Support Staff
Hiring a Personal Assistant, Transaction Coordinator or Processor can add a whole new level of complexity to your mortgage business. Instead of developing a business ACTION plan that is focused on YOU and YOUR individual growth, you must now consider the impact that employees will have on your daily operations, as well as, what must be implemented in order to successfully manage and lead others.

I CAN Plan will help you to evolve your business planning strategies to consider the unique challenges that come with managing individuals. I CAN Plan provides tools, helpful tips, creative ideas AND the ability to work on business foundations that you may not have focused on up to this point. Business foundations such as, “Team Building,” “Standard Operating Procedures” and “Tracking,” just to name a few, become critical to incorporate into one’s plan when managing support staff members.

Mortgage Professionals as Managers of Multiple Branches

Perhaps, you’ve been diligent about putting a business plan together and have been moderately successful with sticking to your plan. In fact, you’re at the stage where you have expanded your team to include other Loan Officers. Maybe you even manage multiple branches? But now, you’re starting to wonder, ‘Why do I continue to push so hard?’

You likely would not have to push as hard, if you shared your best practices with your team members. The best gift that you can give yourself and your team is to pass on the lessons that got you where you are today.

Begin the transformation from “Deal Hunter” to “Rainmaker” by holding your team accountable to their individual Business ACTION Plans.

Gift your team members with the tools found in, I CAN Plan, and help them to increase their business, so that YOU can finally begin to experience the flexibility and freedom that you got into this industry to enjoy in the first place.