The Roots of I CAN Plan!

In 2006 Victoria Del Frate, Owner of I CAN Coaching Company, developed and began offering exclusive, on-site visits to clients who enrolled in her “Entrepreneur Coaching Package.”

For two full days, Coach Victoria would lead her clients through a very intensive, one-on-one, business planning process.

The initial process was an unsophisticated, but highly-effective and creative approach, whereby 3x5 note cards were used to capture her client’s individual goals and action steps for the foundations that they had identified as critical to the health and growth of their business.

“We would focus on one foundation at a time. My client would identify target goals for each foundation and then I would engage them in a brain-dump session that would help them to go deep and flesh-out the main action steps required to accomplish each goal.

By asking my clients open-ended questions, making suggestions & sharing creative ideas, they reported having a much easier time writing goals and determining the focus for their business plan, than what they had experienced from past business planning efforts.”-Victoria Del Frate

Day two of the on-site visit focused on prioritizing all of the action items that had been captured on individual 3x5 cards. Coach Victoria would ask her client to take each card and place it under one of four cards, each representing a specific quarter in the year. After her client moved the cards underneath the quarter in which they intended to begin working on each action item, the cards would be marked appropriately and then organized again, but this time, by the individual month within the quarter and then finally, by the individual week within the month.

The final step in Coach Victoria’s unique process was the one step that most entrepreneurs, overlook when developing their business plan. She would sit with her client and read off each week’s set of action items while the client typed what she read off, into their Outlook ™ Calendars.

The end result was a well thought-out, fully-prioritized, calendar-driven Business ACTION Plan for the year that her clients were engaged in, excited by and exceptionally grateful to have completed.

These distinct processes are the roots from which I CAN Plan sprang.  Each of the manual steps above has been transformed into the world of web-based ease and sophistication. A process that took two full days to complete can now be accomplished in a couple of hours. The expense of having a Business Coach travel out to you has been replaced by her virtual, but just as dynamic, counterpart. The toil of typing goals and action items into your calendar is a labor of the past and now is accomplished with a single click of a button.

These and MANY other valuable business planning tools await you at, I CAN Plan-The Gateway to Creating Your Business ACTION Plan...One Building Block at a Time.

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